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A coach offering personalized advice to a climbers during a training session at Rock Aliens in Pune.

Ready to embark on your climbing journey? Join us for an exciting introductory climbing session designed for new and beginner climbers!
We provide all the gear you'll need, including climbing shoes, and chalk. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of bouldering, teaching essential techniques and safety protocols in a fun and supportive environment. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline-fueled workout or looking to challenge yourself in a dynamic sport, this session is perfect for all skill levels. Don't miss out on the thrill of scaling new heights – sign up now and let the adventure begin!


Looking for a unique group activity that fosters teamwork and adventure? Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and join us for an exhilarating group climbing session at our bouldering gym! Our skilled instructors will lead your group through exciting climbing challenges, catering to all experience levels. With climbing shoes, and chalk provided, everyone can dive into the thrill of scaling the walls together. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, team building, or simply bonding with loved ones, our group climbing experience promises unforgettable memories and shared triumphs. Book your group session now and take your collective spirit to new heights!


A climber executing a precise move on a steep wall during a training session at Rock Aliens in Pune.
A diverse group of climbers supporting each other and sharing tips during a group coaching session at Rock Aliens in Pune.

Are you a moderate to experienced climber eager to elevate your skills and conquer new challenges? Join our advanced climbing coaching program designed for those seeking to push their climbing grades to the next level! Led by seasoned coaches with a passion for climbing, this program offers personalized training tailored to your goals and abilities. Whether you're aiming for podium finishes in competitions or simply striving to surpass your personal best, our coaching sessions provide expert guidance in technique refinement, strength conditioning, route reading, and mental preparation. With a supportive community of fellow climbers by your side, you'll embark on a journey of growth, achievement, and camaraderie. Elevate your climbing game and unleash your full potential – enrol in our advanced coaching program today!


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